Saturday, 18 April 2009

The Blue Zone. by Andrew Gross.

This is a new author for me a friend brought me this book while I was ill and by luck it was just my kind of read. The guy co-authors many books with James Patterson, this is his first solo flight. I really enjoyed this book it is about witness protection (the blue zone) something I had not read about before so it made a refreshing change of subject. I was told it was unputdownable and that was true it was great,and moved along at a fast pace. I read most of it sitting outside last weekend while we had some warm sunshine, pity winter returned with a cold easterly wind all the past week so no more reading in the sun as yet. I did read a few books in bed mostly rubbish which I will not bore you with but they were easy reading when my concentration was not at its best. If you get the chance try Andrew Gross sure you will enjoy this one. Till next time I hope we get some sun to read by. Love

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  1. Andrew Goss, I will most certainly look out for him ,as I like the James Paterson story's ,Im reading another Ian Rankin at the minute Jan xx