Wednesday, 10 June 2009

All the Colours of Darkness.

Good Evening, I have probably been very slow in discovering this author, but I am so glad I have he is brilliant. Alan Banks is the name of his detective and he is a great character just love him. The book above is the 18th in the series but as usual I read everything the wrong way round but it does not really matter that much as the thrillers are complete. So that means I have 17 more to read and as my old friend says I hope I live long enough to read them all. I was saying to Stuart who was the one who discovered Peter Robinson if the drama makers are looking for a new detective series now that they have stopped making Wire in the Blood he would be a great substitute. I have the feeling Jan (Serendipity) mentioned him a while ago must have forgotten sorry Jan. This is a 9/10 book for me.