Sunday, 1 March 2009

Broken Skin. Stuart MacBride

Stuart MacBride is maybe an author you have not heard of before. As you know Taggart on the telly takes place in Glasgow, Rebus books by Ian Rankin and on the telly is set in Edinburgh, Stuart MacBride's thrillers take place in Aberdeen. When I started this book I really enjoyed it, some of the Aberdeen language is used and it is very funny the story was good and it moved along at a good pace something I like. Later in the book there was an awful lot of gratuitous swearing which I hate it even put Martina Cole in the shade and you now how I feel about that. Don't think I well read anymore of his work there are plenty of fine authors out there that can write books without all the swearing. Will only give this a 5/10 because of the swearing. Love Joan.


  1. No Joan I havent come across that author before ,like you I dont like a lot of bad language,I left you a comment on your other blog ,telling you how much I am enjoying Peter Robinson ,especialy his more recent books ...I am using my new Lap Top to answer my comments and am coming to grips with it Janxx

  2. not heard of him and obviously not going to read him now!