Thursday, 5 February 2009

An Evil Reflection. By John Paxton Sheriff.

This is a new author for me. Every year I always get a book from Stuart in by Christmas box. Coming up to Christmas Stuart reads book reviews with me in mind and tries to find something different for me to read. He usually gets it right and this year as not exception. This was a good book most of it takes place on the island of Mull during the winter. His descriptive powers are fabulous you really feel you are there says Joan as she cosied down under the duvet. I think this is the third book with the same characters but that did not matter to this story. It is just available in hardback at the moment but I do like a hard back they just have a lovely feel to them unless you drop off with it in you hand. Worth a read and I will give it 8/10 thank you Stu.
Till next time Love Joan.


  1. Oh great a new Author ,if you like it I will Jan xx

  2. Hi Joan ,I have just started Victoria Hislops new book called "The Return" set in Granada with the Alhambra as the back drop .Have you read it ,hope its as good as the "The Island" Jeanxx