Friday, 16 January 2009

The Final Reckoning.

It's been a while since I have managed to finish a book think I have been nodding off too quickly at night but also I think my specs are just about due to be replaced. Back to the book this is the third book Sam Bourne has written and the second one I have read started, 'The Last Testament' but put it down was not in the mood of that story at the time will probably go back to it. The story jumps back and forward between present day and WW2 not the war but about the Jewish Holocaust. It was very interesting, as I have not read much about this subject have seen Schindler's List and the likes but a book if different you are so much more involved. The author seems to like writing about Judaism as both the books I have read by him are very much about the subject although totally different stories. The Righteous Men is all modern day whereas The Final Reckoning jumps back and forward from past to present.The story is rooted in fact so does become very believable. Will read his next book as he does write books that are out of step not the usual thriller or action adventure that I usually read. A tad long but a great story just the same. This one is worth 7/10 Till next time. Love


  1. Hi Joan I have never read any books by Sam Bourne ,I have the flu at the moment feeling so weak and yes I had my jab!,have been reading inbetween sleeping Jan xx

  2. I've put some books down in the past too and saved them for another time. Sometimes the mood we are in makes us want a different kind of reading material. 'On Ya'-ma