Friday, 12 December 2008

Cold Blood.

At last have manged to finish a book it has taken me weeks to get through this I did start another couple of books but just could not settle. I chose this as it is the second book in a trilogy so I thought I would be safe with this. It was a good story not memorable but OK. I is set in New Orleans present day. It goes its the story of a missing teenager. I was a bit disappointed in the book a bit long winded but maybe it was just me. I was only managing about six or seven pagers per night before my eyes went together says a lot for the book I'm afraid. I usually recommend books but with this I would say you could find something better. sorry about this its just what I feel you may enjoy it. 5/10 Till next time. Love


  1. never read anything by her I guess I won't be!
    I've forgotten all my Shelfari stuff........

  2. I read that recently and have to agree it went on a bit didnt it ? I am reading Harlan Coben at the minute, Yasmin recommended him ages ago and I am enjoying his books Jan xx

  3. I have been having trouble with reading my latest book Vengence which i've been reading for a few months now, but i do intend to read it to the end...Best wishes!