Sunday, 5 July 2009

Good Afternoon, this is a great book its an adventure thriller. I do not know of anyone else that writes book like Matthew does. You open the book and you don't want to put it down until the last page ends. This one is the best one I have read since The Seven Ancient Wonders which is the first book of this what turns out to be trilogy. In this one you travel all over the world trying to save the planet from some ancient curse. Stonehenge Abu Sinbal and lots more places of great historic significance. I did not know when I started this book that it was only going to be one third of the story but it turns out that there are three books in this series. It's a great summer read I read most of it in the sunshine sitting in the garden and parts when I was kept awake by the famous knee. If I have tempted you to read these books please I implore you read them in order The Seven Ancient Wonders first as you really need to know what happens there to make sense of it all.Don't know what I will read next quite exhausted after this one. Love Joan.

Friday, 3 July 2009

Cold Is The Grave. by Peter Robinson

I am a bit behind with this entry I think that I have even missed out a book but don't think anyone will notice as there are few readers and I am thinking of stopping this particular journal. However on with this one this was a great story it is the second one I have read of this author and another of the Alan Banks books. Another great thriller with all hes usual twists and turns. Now I have been really clever and I have managed to get a hold of the very first Banks story so I will start that in a few days whenever I finish the adventure story I am reading at the moment. If you like a good mystery thrillers Peter Robinson is the author for you. With this great weather books in the garden are just the job for me. Till next time Love