Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Sorry about the move.

Sorry about the move to a new HTTP but I had made a mistake when I started this blog and it was causing me a lot of bother so could you please sign back in as one of my followers and that will be it sorted.

Welcome To My Bookcase.
Hello and welcome to my new books blog. I have been writing a book journal for the last eighteen months on AOL journals but as you know we have been thrown out of there so this is my new home. I write a short review of all the books I read usually every week or so depending on the length of the books and the size of the type I hate small type takes all the enjoyment out of a book for me, if fact I check the size of type before anything else. I read mainly thrillers but you never know what will be next. At the moment I am reading 'Written in Bone' by Simon Beckett not quite finished it so I will be back in a day or so to write up my first report. I hope you will join me here and let me know what your are reading with any recommendations you might have as we readers are always looking for new authors. So till I get my book finished I will close now.

Written In Bone.by Simon Beckett

At last I have managed to finish my book Written In Bone. I should have been done with it days ago but I have spent so much time on my pc playing about with my blogs that by the time I get upstairs to bed my head is splitting and I am ready for the land on nod. I digress, the book, this is the first one of this author I have read, a friend over on Shelfari recommended this author and am so glad she did.
The book takes place on a remote Hebridean Island. It has a great plot and very interesting characters. There is a storm raging all the way through and it creates a great atmosphere . It moves along at a good pace and keeps you going right to the last pages and I mean the last page. Enjoy. Going to do stars this time not out of ten like I did over there so this one gets.. **** stars.
The book I am going to start tonight will be
No Time For Goodbye by Linwood Barclay.Take care and happy reading Joan.
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Thursday, 2 October 2008


  1. I'll keep in touch with your book reading as yes, I love to read. I finished THE SHACK over the weekend. What a heart gripping tale. I saw that listed on one of the reading lists there. I'd loan it to you but it would probably cost more to mail it than for you to buy one there.
    'On Ya' - ma

  2. Have you read The Northern Clemency?

  3. Hello Joan...This blog is a good idea. I should creat a book blog myself. I think you mentioned it before on AOL that i should do so. I love mystery books like yourself. Best wishes...Astra!